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Email Sending Software High speed email sender program effectively and without any delay
Size: 1.0 MB
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send email mail email sender send email send mail  
Sending Love To You Theme This is a theme that consists of a wallpaper size 1024x768 for an screen.
Size: 6.64MB
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Live Screensaver screen sever mobile phone wallpaper  
E-Mail Sending Application A small and very easy to use application.
Size: 306KB
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divx to flv sms sending software vdb excel balance  
Sending Bulk SMS Sending Bulk SMS tool easily sends multiple numbers of text messages from pc
Size: 3879731
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ACEmessage (Sending) License
Size: -
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Collective e-mails sending A program for easy and effective personalized e-mail collective communication
Size: 10 MB
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send sender email email sender send email personalized mail  

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Chilkat ASP Mail ActiveX Feature-rich SMTP client for sending email, and POP3 client for reading email
Size: 1.5 MB
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client email client SMTP SMTP Client pop3 client  
Mass Messaging Tool Bulk SMS message sending utility enables you to send text messages from PC
Size: 879.0 KB
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compose software windows send web online tool SMS server  
Newsletter Sending Software Top rated newsletter sending software
Size: 9.0 MB
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software newsletter newsletter system x-rated material  
Click2Sign Attach your own handwritten signatures and notes to your e-mails and documents..
Size: 2.0 MB
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sign message attach handwriting click device  
Group Text Messaging Software Corporate text messaging utility sends unlimited numbers of SMS to all GSM and CDMA mobile phones from your laptop or desktop computer. Group messaging application can write and post text and multimed
Size: 879.0 KB
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Create Alert compose store software send SMS sender SMS  
MobiSMS Sending an SMS is as easy as sending an email. Includes instant activation and FREE test credits. Use MobiSMS to receive appointment reminders from Outlook or Outlook Express, trigger alerts, SMS your
Size: 589.8 KB
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sending email sending sending PDF sending email program  

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Daedrasoft Email Sender This program allows you to optimize letters sending. It uses several streams for quick sending. Opportunities: sending a letter to one addressee; sending a letter to several addressees, one after an...
Size: 402.44K
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EMail Sender Component you can add email sending feature to your product with very simple code, it is the only component that offer direct email sending, SMTP email sending, embedded images detection, multiple receptors.
Size: 626 KB
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free activex SMTP DHCP Server ActiveX component IP  
GmailTrain performance-stable bulk email software for sending business mails to every customer all over the world,which it has multi-sending,management,cheching unSubscribed function.It not just assembles the ad...
Size: 1091K
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speedy internet Speedy computer bulk email sending speedy  
Form - Purchase Order Already NOT sending without filled-out entries! Form contains validation Alert box and you must filled all entries before sending this form. After sending you recive email with order. To reserved emai...
Size: 0.2MB
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ValueFirst-Speed Text Messaging Software ValueFirst Messaging provides free SMS Text Messaging software services and products: VelocityPlus (SMS sending / receiving, SMS auto-responder/ reply), Velocity (SMS sending manual, automated or sche
Size: 10 bytes
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bulk SMS text message SMS software text messaging  
My SMSCity : My SMSCity offers two-way message sending, a phonebook, group sending, masked sending (sender:, and messages containing up to 2000 characters. Your contacts, as well as the messages you...
Size: 4.55MB
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